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The SEPPALA SIBERIAN SLEDDOG is a natural dog of moderate size, pleasing personality and a physical and mental construction adapted to the needs of rapid long distance sled travel with a light load in an arctic environment. The purpose of the International Seppala Siberian Sleddog Club (ISSSC) is the preservation, advancement, and promotion of this special dog as a working breed, seperate and apart from all other breeds and sled dogs. The ISSSC's goal is to develop and support only programs and breeding practices that treat equally: performance, soundness and companionship.

THE INTERNATIONAL SEPPALA SIBERIAN SLEDDOG CLUB (ISSSC),incorporated in 2002, is the recognized breed club for the Seppala Siberian Sleddog as recognized by the Continental Kennel Club. The ISSSC has set forth the breed standard and established a membership club for the purpose of managing the future of the breed while maintaining a balance of performance, heritage, attitude and genetic viability.

THE DEFINITION OF THE SEPPALA SIBERIAN SLEDDOG is not owned by any one person. Rather, it is an ideal that is rooted in heritage, competition, and love for this animal. The ISSSC is committed in the survival of this breed within the standard as set forth by this breed club. The ISSSC Seppala Siberian Sleddog is an arctic-type working sled dog that has at least 93% of its background stemming from 10 dogs that lived around 1930 and were either foundation stock for Harry Wheeler of St. Jovite, Quebec or immediate ancestors of the Wheeler dogs. The greater part of the Seppala definition is as much derived from the breed's performance ability as it is from the heritgage of the breed. The ISSSC recognizes that without the successful race record of Leonhard Seppala, it is unlikely the breed would exist today, let alone maintain the temperment, personality, or attitude that makes this breed the original and unique animal that it is today.